Moving for medals!

Seasoned Runner Virtual Run Challenges are designed to keep you motivated to move and keep you running/walking consistently across an entire season. 


Start earning your bespoke medals each month and be supported by an amazing community!


Whether you are running consistently and looking to celebrate your achievement, or perhaps you’re looking for some motivation to move… we’ve got it covered!

Monthly Motivation

Seasoned Runner is designed to keep you motivated to run (or walk) for a sustained period of time… and in our case it’s 90 days, or a ‘Season’.   It takes 90 days to build a habit and that’s exactly the reason why we developed this running challenge around the seasons of the year.

Your Run... Your Way

You get to choose the goal you set yourself each month – whether that’s total miles to complete or perhaps working towards a particular distance in one run.  You simply let us know your pledge to help keep you accountable… but if things change, that’s ok too!  Pledges can also be made up of walking miles too!  It’s all about being motivated to move!

Supported all the way!

We have a dedicated Seasoned Runner Facebook Group that is full of participants all cheering you on. Share your run selfies, your Garmin watch pics and of course, your gorgeous run medals each month!

Beautiful bespoke medals

Our medals are stunning and made of the highest quality. Each Season’s three medals link together to form a Trifecta medal.  What’s more, you can have your monthly achievement engraved on the back. Whether that’s the miles you covered, a PB or a run dedication… or maybe all three!  We are able to make your medal special to you. Think of it as your monthly running calendar in medal form!

Fun & Affordable

There are a couple of different ways you can sign up for Seasoned Runner.  You can either sign up for the season as a whole paying at the start . We also have a monthly subscription so that you can pay as you go each month and know that your season is secure.  

NEW - Group Challenge - with Challenge Hound!

To add an element of teamwork to your season, we have introduced a group challenge with our Challenge Hound App.  For the summer series, our runners trekked across the globe to Japan – home of the Olympics.

Where will the Autumn team take us?

Seasoned Runner Virtual Run Challenges


The ONLY fully personalised medals.  Make your season extraordinary!


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Get your running mojo back! Sign up to the Autumn Series, join the Facebook Group and start moving for medals!