Seasoned Runner Virtual Challenges are designed to keep you motivated to move and keep you exercising consistently across an entire season. 

With our interactive map and tracker we'll keep you accountable to keep moving.

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Whether you are running consistently and looking to celebrate your achievement, or perhaps you’re looking for some motivation to move… we’ve got it covered! 


1. Motivation to Move
Seasoned Runner is designed to keep you motivated to move for a sustained period of time… and in our case it’s 90 days, or a ‘Season’.   It takes 90 days to build a habit and that’s exactly the reason why we developed this challenge around the seasons of the year.

2. Make up the miles... your way
You can run the miles, if that’s what you want to do, but there are other ways to get around the map.  Include your walking steps, cycle, swim, row  – the choice is yours.

3. Supported all the way
Our Start Running Stay Running Community Group is full of amazing runners all cheering you on. Share your run selfies, your Garmin watch pics, your progress along the map and of course, your gorgeous medals once you’ve achieved your challenge.

4. Beautiful medals to keep you motivated!

Our medals are stunning and made of the highest quality and you will want to keep moving in order to earn it!  Full colour, thick medal with a colourful ribbon.

5. Keeping you accountable
As part of the challenge, you will see your very own icon move along the map.  Include any mileage you like to achieve your goal and see how others are getting on too!  This could get a little competitive!?




Let's get your feet moving right up until the big day! Challenge yourself to walk and/or run 25 miles from 1st-25th December. Maybe run a mile a day, or plan in some nature walks through December.  However you do it, each mile will see you around our special SANTA route in the North Pole.  

Don't forget to share your amazing runs in the Start Running Stay Running Community with the hashtag... #stepintochristmas 



Email us: [email protected] to see if we have room for one more! 


A whole year to follow in Nikki Love's footsteps and move 2450 Miles (3943 km) across Australia.

As always, you can do this any way you like, even including your daily steps. It's entirely up to you how you take on the challenge. Why not encourage a friend to join you and challenge them in a race?

Want to get the family involved? Why not sign up as a team and add up your mileage to cross the country! 



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