To help you start running and stay running, you’ll want to dive into some blogs! Our library of blogs are full of information and motivation to help you with your running journey!

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Come and learn what Start Running Stay Running is all about!

What are the main benefits of taking up running? We have our Top 10 right here!

Reasons to run in the morning

Why is it a good idea to get up early and run in the morning? Does it sound like too much hard work? Perhaps these 6 reasons why you should make help to convince you!

How to start running

So, you’ve decided you want to start running but have no idea what to wear, how far to go or even how to actually run effectively! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

Running can have considerable benefits on your mental health. Check out how it helps your mind as well as your body.

Get the confidence to run in public

Lack of confidence can be a big barrier to putting off your running journey. We’ve got some tips here to help you get over these hurdles.

The way you run can make a massive difference in your performance. Here we look at heel strikes.
Which way is best?

You’ve completed Couch to 5K, but where do you go from here? We have some ideas to challenge you!

You’ve lost your motivation to run… what can you do about it?

Can running help with your menopausal symptoms?

Check out our tips for keeping safe when running in the dark

How do you keep moving during the winter months? We’ve got some ideas!

Are you a ‘seasoned runner’?
We bet you are!

Tips on keeping a little active over the festive period!

Want to feel uplifted and motivated to lace up those trainers? Or does your pace need a boost? We’ve got some great motivating films and songs right here!

How can you improve your running performance and lose weight?

Have you found yourself being inspired by others to start your own running journey, but you just haven’t made that step to lace up your trainers and go? What’s holding you back?

Come and learn what Start Running Stay Running is all about!