A-Z Guide to Running

beginner runner Jul 13, 2023
A-Z Guide to Running

There are many running terms that you will come across as you go through your running journey.  We have put together an A-Z for you to get you started.  We will warn you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've not even covered Bonking! 

Here's Part 1 of our A-Z Guide to Running

A – Aerobic: refers to cardiovascular exercise that engages your aerobic energy systems.

B – Base Run: a slower run that helps build your endurance and overall distance.

C – Cadence: the number of steps taken per minute.

D – Distance: the total miles or kilometers that you have run.

E – Easy Run: a slow-paced, light running session that should make you feel comfortable.

F – Form: the posture and running technique you use when running, to ensure you maximise efficiency and minimise injury.

G – Galloway Method. A method of running/walking more commonly known as 'Jeffing' was created by Jeff Galloway for runners of all abilities.

H – Heart Rate: the speed and strength at which your heart is beating.

I – Intervals: short bursts of increased running speed mixed with recovery periods.

J – Jammin’: when you feel particularly free during a run and run faster than usual.

K - Kick: The pick-up in speed toward the end of a race.

L - Lactic Acid: A byproduct of intensive exercise that builds and resides in the muscles and is the cause of muscle fatigue.

M - Marathon: An endurance running event that takes place over 42km or 26.2 miles.

N - Negative Split: Running the second half of a race faster than the first half.

O - Overstriding: Striding with the foot landing too far in front of the body's center of gravity.

 P - Pace: The speed at which a runner runs over a given distance.

 Q - Quartile: The four divisions of a race, marked every 25% of its length.

 R - Race Packet: A packet a runner receives prior to a race that contains race-related info and other promotional materials.

 S - Stride Length: The total distance taken by a runner's footstep.

 T - Tempo Run: a type of run designed to increase an athlete’s endurance by keeping a sustained effort. Running faster than your regular pace but for a shorter duration.

 U - Ultramarathon: a long-distance running event, usually 50 kilometers or more.

 V - Virgin Race: a type of running competition for participants who have never run in a race before.

 W - Weekly Mileage: the total number of miles that a runner runs over the course of a week.

 X - X-Country: a type of long-distance running race on natural terrain.

 Y - Yasso 800s: a speed workout consisting of 8 repeats of 800m at a steady pace.

 Z - Zigzag Drill: a running drill designed to increase agility and response time.


We hope this has helped clear up a few questions about what some of these terms mean.  

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