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We are proud to have a fantastic team of coaches working with members of our Start Running Stay Running Facebook Group and our membership ‘The Inside Track’. Covering all aspects of health and wellness, we ensure our members are guided in all areas of their running journey.

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Linda Meek

Co-owner, Run Coach, Social Media Guru

Hey! I’m Linda and I am co-owner and founder of Start Running Stay Running.  It was during the first Covid Lockdown in 2020, that I began to see many posts from friends and across social media of people either starting to run for the first time or getting back to it. I was one of them!  It was on a run that I had the idea of creating a community for new and returning runners that wanted a safe space to share their runs.  I also wanted to have coaches at hand to help them with all elements of their running. In June 2020, Start Running Stay Running was born.

I first started running in 2010 and I loved it – entering my first 10k the same year.  The thing is, I was always going about it all wrong! Too fast, too far, too soon and with no strength work or other activities involved, I found I was injured… a lot!

Having learned many lessons over the years, I wanted to create a space where others could share their runs without fear of being judged and also have the opportunity to access a team of coaches to ensure they successfully start running and stay running with little or no injury along the way.

My background is in social media management so I take care of all things you see on our social channels.  I  am a UKA-qualified Run Coach and I support Graham and Emmie in coaching our runners.

I am passionate about opening up the conversation around mental health and have trained as a Mental Health First Aider.

Graham McKenna

Co-Owner, Ultra Coach and Mental Health Champion

I’m Graham and I’m an ultra-runner and coach.

I became an ambassador for Start Running Stay Running last year after they supported my world record attempt.  I then jumped at the chance to Co-Direct when it took a change of paths and became a Community Interest Company.

I think Linda and I share the same vision and its been a pleasure working alongside her, enabling and encouraging others to become more active.

We all start somewhere, and I am hoping that my experience in endurance and ultra running can help members of the community.   If you are new to venturing into the world of Ultra distances or just want some help to progress then I am always on hand to offer advice.

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Emmaline Kay

Co-Director and Head Running Coach

Hi, I’m Emmaline (Emmie), and I have a passion for running! I am a qualified run coach and run leader, endurance runner and Mum!
Never being a keen PE student, and running certainly wasn’t top of my priorities in my early adulthood. However, I did put on an old pair of trainers one day, took to the streets and just kept going until it hurt. Not the ideal way to start running but something changed for me that day. I suddenly realised that I didn’t need to excel in PE to be a runner; I just had to want to try, which is precisely what I believe in now. If you don’t try, you will never know what you are capable of!
Fast forward a decade or so, two kids later, and I am still running! The best decision I ever made was to go out that day all those years back.
Now I am looking forward to helping you on YOUR running journey, whether just starting out, returning after injury/break or an experienced runner looking for tips.

Kirsty Darlington

Mindset Coach

I am Kirsty and I would never have thought I would be a runner! After several starts and stops, I'll go so far as to say I actually enjoy going for a run!

Having worked as a professional in the Outdoors, space and fresh air has always been in my blood. My dog brought me to running when I moved to Somerset. It was our time together in the fresh air and challenging ourselves. I am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Leader in Running fitness, and I can't wait to work with you through your goals and to make running a healthy part of your world.

I am here to help you look to the future, to decide why your goals are important to you and how you are going to take some of the wonderful things you are going to learn on this journey, into your future. You have the best team around you; use our expertise, ask us the questions, share your experiences and let's get you going!

Brett Gatward

Soft Tissue Therapist and Running Geek! 

Hi, My name is Brett and I have a  level 5 diploma in soft tissue therapy and remedial massage. I am also rock tape accredited.

I come from an endurance background which started out in cycling, but more recently my focus has moved across to running. I’ve taken part in events from 5k ParkRuns right up to 12-hour trail races. I am currently relocating my clinic to the Burnham and Highbridge area (a stones throw from the Apex Parkrun) and my passion is keeping people active. I love nothing more than helping clients work towards their goal.  This can be during injury recovery or in their general wellbeing.  

In the near future, I will be working towards my run coaching qualification so I can venture out from the treatment room to help people further.  

I’m data mad and enjoy keeping spreadsheets with my run logs, although my approach to training is a ‘keep it simple’ style.   

I look forward to being part of such a great running community and helping with any questions you may have with regards to movement or injury.

Andy Meek

Events Co-ordinator

Hi, I’m Andy, and I’m Events Co-ordinator for Start Running Stay Running.

I am married to co-founder Linda, and I’m excited to be joining the team and helping to create an exciting and motivational virtual event programme and also plan lots of exciting things over the coming year.

I started running back in 2011 when I took on the Bristol 10k after starting from scratch at the turn of New Year.  I soon caught the running bug, and in 2017, I successfully trained for and completed The Virgin London Marathon. In 2012 I founded The Bridgwater Half  Marathon, 10K and 5K races (now in its 8th year) and work as Secretary and Organiser of this event which works with Bridgwater Friends of Cancer Research to raise money every year.

I’m a big advocate of running – I find it helps me greatly with my mental health and wellbeing. I’m looking forward to supporting members of our free Facebook Group and within ‘The Inside Track’.

James Hudson

Nutrition Coach

Hi 👋 I'm James  and I help runners increase their energy while running faster & further. I'm delighted to be helping out the runners in the coaching membership The Inside Track. 

I take a long-term success approach to his coaching, allowing my clients to get off the diet yo-yo to reach and sustain their ideal body composition.

You will be seeing me pop up in the membership, delivering webinars and answering foodie questions! 

I'm a bit of a runner myself... I am about to take on the world's hardest Mountain Race - Dragon's Back which is held in Wales and takes in 17,400m of elevation over six days of running.  Wish me luck! 

If you think your diet may be holding you back, or you know what to eat, but can't seem to do it, then Nutrition for Energy Ltd coaching is for you. James will help you to increase your energy and improve your performance with food.


Melanie Bicknell

Strength Coach


Hi all, Looking forward to being part of SUCH a great team! For those of you who don't know me I'm smiley, enthusiastic and a bit of a loon (but not as much as Linda ) Qualified in Gym Instruction, ETM, Child Psychology, Colour and Sound Therapy. I've struggled with my weight allllll my life but I've always loved exercise and the benefits it has on us mentally and emotionally. I've completed the London Marathon twice in the past but am only just getting back into running since having a long break for babies, PND, weight gain and all that comes with it. I hope I'll be relatable to a lot of the runners and be able to help runners of all abilities with strength training and movements to be able to help them with their running performance I'll grow (or shrink) as they grow! X

Debbie Johnson

Pilates, Yoga Fitness, Pure Stretch

Hi, I’m Debbie, and I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I hold a wide range of qualifications and experience from ‘step’ to ‘combat’, ‘aqua’ to ‘Pilates’.

Before this, I trained in martial arts for 20 years before having my children! I have specialised in Pilates and biomechanics in the last ten years.

I have always been interested in the way the body works and am passionate about what I do! I have worked with runners helping them to recover from injuries and helping them to streamline the way their body works as an integrated unit to achieve PBs!

I’m looking forward to getting to know our ‘Inside Track’ group members and helping them achieve their best runs yet!

Michelle Pattenden

Mindset Coach

Hi! I’m Michelle (Chelles) and I live in Somerset with my husband and three children and a variety of pets!

I am qualified Master Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. With my ongoing learning in NLP, CBT, Guided Meditation, and Mindfulness, I help people with a variety of things such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Weight Loss, Addictions, and physical health complaints.

I see clients both 1:1 in my sanctuary – The Cabin as well as holding a VIP group that meets weekly over Zoom for a chat and a guided meditation session.

You will find a meditation each month within the SRSR coaching membership to help you find some calm in your week.

Find out more about Michelle’s business The Wonders of Wellness.

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