The dark nights are here along with the cold and wet weather, and it’s really hard to keep motivated to get out there and run during the winter months. Added to this the fact that big races in the Spring have been put back again – it doesn’t give you the push to get out and keep up with your running plan!

So how can you keep motivated to run during the Autumn/Winter months and not lose all your hard work from your summer running?

There are a few options…

Invest in a Treadmill

Sometimes the weather just makes it a little too undesirable to get out… and can even be dangerous.  Investing in a treadmill will ensure you can keep running through the winter months in the comfort of your own home (or garage) in front of Netflix! Keeping moving in this way will ensure that when you get out in the Spring, you won’t be starting from scratch.

Find an indoor sport

If you really can’t face the winter roads and trails, why not turn to a different sport to help keep your cardio up.  Swimming, badminton, five-a-side football are options to keep your fitness up during the Winter.

Continue with Strength Training

Even when the Winter is in full swing, there is no excuse for not continuing with your strength training.  It’s an integral part of our programmes for our ‘Inside Track’ members helping to keep them strong and injury-free.  If you want to keep up with the cardio, there is plenty of choice online for HiiT workouts, until you get a warmer day for running.

Doing little is better than doing nothing at all!

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss that run, just get out for the next one. It’s when you miss several which then turns into weeks that you then regret the rest when you finally get back to it!  We’ve all been there and definitely regret not putting just a little effort in to keep in with our running during the winter months. Make sure you have the right kit to stay safe in the dark winter months.

Doing a 2-3 short runs each week is better than one long run now and again.

Sign up for a virtual run

So many runners are turning to virtual events and challenges to help keep them motivated and rewarded for their efforts.

We‘ve been asked by a few of our community members about whether we are going to put on a challenge.  Finally, we can announce that YES WE ARE!

Introducing Seasoned Runner – Virtual Running Challenges

Seasoned Runner – Keeping you moving every month!

To help you keep motivated during the winter months – in fact, every month, we have come up with our virtual run challenges called ‘Seasoned Runner’. 

Keep motivated for the entire season!

When you sign up for a whole Winter Season – in this case, December, January and February, each medal forms part of a Trifecta Medal.  While the medals on their own are stunning – when clicked together, they form something really special!

If you want to set a distance at the end of the month/season and work towards it – we can help with that too! It’s exactly what we do in The Inside Track

As you probably guessed, our seasons are formed as follows…

December, January, February – WINTER

March, April, May – SPRING 🌼

June, July, August – SUMMER 🌞

September, October, November – AUTUMN 🍁

We totally get there there are certain parts of the world where this concept does not work, but we truly hope that the stunning medals will be enough for those runners to still want to be involved!

Our aim is to help keep you moving throughout the months ahead, whether that be walking or running. Simply choose a challenge, sign up and lock it in! At the end of the month, you will earn a beautiful medal and one-third of the Trifecta!

Our bling clicks together to make one mega-medal masterpiece!

Get Kudos for your efforts in the Strava Group!

We will set up a Strava Group for each season so that participants can support each other. This will also help to keep you accountable for your progression towards your goal. While we won’t be babysitting participants, it helps to know that others can see what you are (or aren’t) doing.

This is a great way to keep motivated during the winter to ensure you’re still reaching your goals. Whether that be training towards a distance, achieving a certain number of miles, or simply getting out there and keeping your running ticking over.

Signing up for a ‘Season’ is great value and works out at just £35.00 for the entire three months.  Along with this, there is also the opportunity to purchase a running top to wear during your training.

For the Winter, we have a long-sleeved running top with a warm inner layer for your colder days’ running.  Great for when you don’t want to wear a jacket, and its performance material will continue to wick away sweat while it keeps you comfortable.

Want to know more about ‘Seasoned Runner – Virtual Run Challenges’?  Sign up to secure your place!